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QBQUAKE Links Quake 1-Quake 2 & III Arena Files
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Last updated: Fri Jul 05 15:37:47 2013
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As many of us actually know Quake 1-3 related storage is at a all time low.
We had around 26 MAIN Mirrors for ID Software related and Main sites like IGN etc.
(Which is now gone too) We are down to 5 or 6 now. Sadly, lots of historic files
are actually GONE forever or hidden on some Index somewhere. We REALLY need to step up grab what we have and upload as well as DL what we find onto media.

This site has some LOST files from 1996 that are NOWHERE to be found online. Well anyhow there is a File Index called the BUNKER (Which also allows you to UPLOAD and Store for FREE!!)

If you email him or leave him a Text in the UL or NEWBIE folder. He will respond and GIVE YOU a folder all to yourself to UL and share! There are no 30 days limitations or shit like that. There was another kid doing the same thing but he leave for the ARMY just 2 1//2 weeks ago. Well- this is a kickass forum here. I wanted to share this information.

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