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QBIHOC General is going home
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By: Yugo2Heck
From: Seattle
Grade: IHOC Master (2182 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jan 07 13:40:53 2007
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To save a few dollars I'll be shutting down whenever the current billing period runs out. is now hosted at good old IHOC HQ (my house in Seattle) on port 26000; the Lab/experimental server has moved to port 26007. RuneHOC ( is currently hosted on the Essentrix server, but will move back home when Essentrix kicks me off for not paying.
#1 by M!ndf!3ldzX
From: Saucier
Grade: blah blah blah (2947 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jan 07 19:26:29 2007
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too bad. even with me getting late a night (10pm-throughout the am) 30megabit DL / 256kbit UL , I still get get under a 100 ping at IHOC home.


Hi im Mindz,blah blah blah
#2 by Xool
From: North Pole
Grade: pK Moderator (1894 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jan 07 19:32:38 2007
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Zomg! my ping is back under 100

#3 by Shortman
From: Edmonton
Grade: BlabberMouth (169 posts)
Last updated: Fri Jan 12 20:26:55 2007
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My ping better go back to 30 :< because thats what i had on my crappy cable. I just upgraded and I get 90s now :<.

#4 by blindside
From: seattle, Wa.
Grade: QBcrazy (510 posts)
Last updated: Fri Jan 12 21:23:46 2007
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