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QBQUAKE General any audio experts out there?
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By: valdez
From: seal beach
Grade: GetALife (378 posts)
Last updated: Sat Jun 04 15:13:14 2005
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I need some help

i am trying to run my pc sound through my home theatre receiver

i am using line out to audio in jacks my dvd is also connected to my receiver

i get a hum from the speakers also if the tv is on at the same time i get pink

and green hues on the screen if i disconnet the pc from the receiver it goes away

do i need i better sound card?

i have a dell with the sound card built into mother board

any suggestions?

#1 by Diazoild
Grade: Singed Admin (603 posts)
Last updated: Sat Jun 04 21:06:09 2005
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I have no idea how to go about this, did you try Googling something like this


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#2 by RonJeremyDbE
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Last updated: Sat Jun 04 23:45:21 2005
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Having built in sound will always cause that problem to a greater or lesser extent. Shuttle computers are notorius for it. The problem lies in the motherboard itself. The more layers that a MB is made with the better the trace shilding is. Best bet is to go spend the coin on a quality soundcard.
#3 by Chuck
From: Antarctica
Grade: QuakeHappy (87 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jun 05 02:17:14 2005
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The green hues can be from unshielded speakers being too close to the tube, which could also cause a hum.

I have my tv in my living room set up as a second display from my comp. But the computer and reciever are 30 feet away in a back room.
Chuck -
From: Marion
Grade: img src=star.gif MindzX (1707 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jun 05 05:58:36 2005
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My method
*note,I dont use shielded speakers,I dont use anything special in any shape or form..The only thing "special" I need isnt really special now days,which is degausing option on your monitor.
PC SoundCard audio out -> Stereo headphones jack spliced into two stereo RCA connector's,find a un-used setup on your reciever,for example,I dont use anything on my home theatre besides my PC,so I use the CD jack on the back,and I set my reciever on CD.

Dont use PHONO , I recommend CD,DVD,TV,or VCR settings on your reciever.

Also,you can buy a converter cord at Radio Shack if you dont wanna ruin both a pair of headphones and RCA's , but I just made mine and saved a buck.

if you want bro,I got free long distance in the USA I can call you up and we can get this done in no time

or maybe I can hook you up with a diagram , its not exactly something I'd wanna attempt detailing in words,it becomes a pain in the butt heh

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From: Marion
Grade: img src=star.gif MindzX (1707 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jun 05 05:39:43 2005
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and no,you dont need anything "Special" besides a] home rigged wiring ,or b]store bought wiring rig (radio shack).

I've been running 500watts from my Home Theatre as my PC Sound System for around 5-6 years now,and as long as your sound-card works,its all good mang
#6 by Diazoild
Grade: Singed Admin (603 posts)
Last updated: Sun Jun 05 13:54:00 2005
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For gaming nothing beats a good pair of headphones. Wireless are great although hearing the game while you are taking a leak is a little strange.

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