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QBQUAKE General quake on vista
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By: blindside
From: seattle, Wa.
Grade: QBcrazy (510 posts)
Last updated: Wen Sep 16 20:25:20 2009
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does anyone know if quake will run on VISTA of windows 7 ??? thinking about going with windows 7 sigh
#1 by JackHole
From: XMD-Your momma's house!
Grade: Senior JackAss! (1703 posts)
Last updated: Sat Sep 19 00:25:57 2009
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VISTA is a frames hog and gaming brick!

Stay away...

#2 by blindside
From: seattle, Wa.
Grade: QBcrazy (510 posts)
Last updated: Tue Sep 29 18:06:44 2009
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well to tell the truth i was thinking more in the line of windows7..any oppinions concerning win7 ?? it does crap all over vista but thats not hard to do hehe
#3 by Xool
From: North Pole
Grade: pK Moderator (1896 posts)
Last updated: Wen Sep 30 20:37:53 2009
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I'm waiting for W7 myself. Wouldn't touch vista either.
#4 by blindside
From: seattle, Wa.
Grade: QBcrazy (510 posts)
Last updated: Fri Oct 02 13:00:56 2009
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yea windows 7 is way better than vista. rock solid and not so picky about hardware. both of my neaghbors are running win 7 one on an intell celeron and the other on a athlonXP 2800+ (thats a socket A processor)all it needs is a 2 gig processor or close to it and a gig of ram (2 gig is better)a good video card helps too but most onboard video arrays will run iti have put quake on the socket A computer and all looks good but it crashes occasionally. i think i need to give it more ram
#5 by UnDo
Grade: Noob (2 posts)
Last updated: Fri Oct 30 20:53:00 2009
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I can attest, I've played with Windows 7 and if you have a similar set like me (Sony Vaio 2.8ghz P4, 2GB RAM, Radeon X1650 Pro Card) you should be ok on Win 7 and gaming. I noticed very little difference in framerate drop with most games, than when I installed Vista the first time *that was brutal*. Even games like Left 4 Dead and TF2 didn't suffer much on Win7. Plus it's Quake, so I don't think there will be a problem there for you.

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