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By: Dre4d
From: b0tland
Grade: Ipost2much (815 posts)
Last updated: Wen Mar 16 14:12:51 2011
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to see this place still alive. I hope all is well with the lot of you. I am still alive and kicking.

Anyone play quake1 anymore? If so point me at a client and lets frag
#1 by MzBlonde1
Grade: QuakeWannaBe (11 posts)
Last updated: Fri Mar 18 13:53:52 2011
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Hello, Dread, this is Blonde1 hope all is well with you. I've been popping out every so often to say hi.

I've been play WoW for a while now.

Take care and good seeing you!
#2 by WickedWayz
From: Tulare,CA
Grade: QBFreak (247 posts)
Last updated: Sun Mar 20 17:44:50 2011
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Im still around but cant play quake because of where i live right now. But once i get going again ill be back in action WOOT!
#3 by Jerlento
Grade: Noob (2 posts)
Last updated: Tue Mar 22 10:50:55 2011
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It's Ken... from back back back back in the days... Smooth's Brother... if you remember.. I just started up again... I'm such a newb now LOL don't kno where anything is... I go by the name "ookilicious", currently playin' on shmack
#4 by blindside
From: seattle, Wa.
Grade: QBcrazy (510 posts)
Last updated: Wen Mar 30 21:38:44 2011
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Well i am still playen Quake1 but nobody on servers for a long time. Been playing Quake world and not too happy with it.The only server running IHOC now is XOC RocketWar let me know when to look for you and i'll do my best to show up. I am in seattle WA so apprise me of time differences.Untill then laters

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