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By: s1XTus
Grade: pK Leader (1764 posts)
Last updated: Tue Apr 02 08:01:43 2013
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Anyone ever try that? Q3?

#1 by Xool
From: North Pole
Grade: pK Moderator (1894 posts)
Last updated: Sun Apr 14 13:31:20 2013
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No, but it's probably more fun than dead Quake.
#2 by M!ndf!3ldzX
From: Saucier
Grade: blah blah blah (2947 posts)
Last updated: Thu Apr 18 12:07:09 2013
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Just remember, the game is only as dead as you convince yourself its dead.

I play Q1 on the daily. Wife & Kids , pets,etc. Same shit different day, except now my hair is salt and pepper'd horribly.

I have this new technology they invinted way back in like 1998 was it? Yeah somethin like that!!! Called Instant Messaging ! ha ha.

You guys learn how to use this new technology and add me !

GoogleChat :
Aol Instant Messenger : grapemindz
MSN Live / Windows Messenger / ETC :
IRC : , #quake1 channel

I have a QuakeLive account, but I don't play it. I play Quake1 and Crysis 3 lately. You guys could be playing Q1 anytime your ready, message me and I'll hook you up with a updated everything needed to get started again in 2013. There is only 1 IHOC server remaining that I know of, , its east coast. No one plays IHOC anymore unfortunately, only Clan Arena,RocketArena,RuneQuake,Capture the Flag, and TeamDeathMatch. I use a DirectX 11 quake client called DirectQ , and its the "Ferrari" of Quake1 clients.

You guys have been missing out on some serious updates to Q1

Missing the old comrades,

Hi im Mindz,blah blah blah

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