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QBSinged Media Noiz Picture Day - The Making Of
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By: Diazoild
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Last updated: Sat Oct 15 08:42:57 2005
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Eight people showed up or were on the server at the time we had set to make a group picture. Have you ever thought what it would take to get 8 people to stand still for a picture on a server where they are usually running around all crazy?

See_more_ pictures_ here.

I demo'd the 4 minutes or so so that I could take screenshots from various clients and not just be stuck with a few screenshots while people were on the server. When I played it back I started laughing out loud. To me, it is funny to watch these guys bump into each other, LG another player out of the picture, and generally just fidget around. Few people could just stand still, LOL. Oh and don't miss D'Rouen coming in for her close up near the end!

Here is a short movie of the action behind the scenes if anyone is interested. This isn't an action packed movie, but it makes me laugh.

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