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By: Diazoild
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Last updated: Sun Oct 30 08:47:34 2005
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Went to a party last week and got some music from a local DJ. Here are some of the tracks they played.

This first one is trance. There's an old song called I'm Not In Love buried in 12 minutes of club and trance. Sometimes the music doesn't sound as good the next day as it did at the party but I think this one holds up.


The Lovemakers are from Oakland so they get a lot of play out here. This is a remix of Prepare For The Fight. Prepare_Remix

And here is something from The Killers.

This is just a Random_Techno_Remix.
#1 by Diazoild
Grade: Singed Admin (603 posts)
Last updated: Thu Nov 03 17:46:31 2005
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