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·To access certain material or links
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·Click to see who has been on today
: post watch
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[i] some text [/i]
·Enters italic text
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·Enters bold text
[u] some text [/u]
·Enters underlined text
[br] line break
·Breaks to next line
[pre] some [spaced] text [/pre]
·Keeps original text spacing
[center] centers text [/center]
·Centers your text
[quote] quoted text [/quote]
·To quote someone
[color=red] font color [/color]
·Changes text color
[size=1] text size [/size]
·Changes text size
[mailto] email link [/mailto]
·Opens mail program with mailto: (Caution address not protected)
[mailto=emailaddress] email me [/mailto]
·Opens mail program with mailto: with descriptive name (Caution address not protected)
·Enters a link to a site
·Enters a link to a ftp site
[url=]click here[/url]
·Enters a link to a ftp/http site with a descriptive name
·Adds a link to your image
·Plays shockwave flash files
·Inserts a picture in the message
·Plays video media files
[qcl] l = character ([qcsp] = space,[qclb][qcrb] = left & right bracket)
·Displays quake character ""
[icn] n = #
·Display an icon, n is a number starting from 1, here are the available icons:




































































































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